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American Mixed Martial Arts

Martial Art Professionals

'I have known John Carlo for over 20 years and can honestly say that I have never met someone more enthusiastic to learn, conquer, and devote their life to the Martial Arts as John Carlo. Since the day we first met (one of my partners wanted to test his Martial Arts skills against Johns Boxing, bad idea!) we hit it off. We started to train together, me teaching John the Martial Arts I have studied and John teaching me his Boxing skills. Now, 18 years later we still lend our experiences and skills to each other and have a friendship for life. I highly recommend John Carlo to anyone seeking  REAL Martial Arts Instruction.'- Sensei Rich Church

What's up Big John , I miss training with you man , I hope your new gym is doing well  and i hope can get out to train with you guys soon ,  Your a good fighter and a good coach, so i know your going to do good.  Keep up the good work'.
Glover ' Brazilian Pitbull' Teixeira
Pro MMA fighter- Cage Champion
Chuck Lidell sparring partner
BJJ Black Belt
'I have known John for over 20 Years and I can Vouch for his creditabilty as a fighter and instructor.  He is a perfectionist when it comes to assuring that his techniques will work in real situations.'
Nick Spennicchia/Kyoshi 6thDan/Nisei Goju Ryu

John Carlo my friend, instructor and student.  John is a master boxer, classically trained, and a big puncher... I know first hand. John trained with me in Goho Ryu Jujutsu during the 1990's earning his Black Belt in 1997.  John is truly a warrior and I am glad he is on my side.
Carl P. Papparlardo 
Goho Ry Jujutsu - 7th dan
Sumo Wrestling - 10 time national & international medalist
Former Pro Boxer and Submission Wrestling Champion
 'I don't think there is a Martial Artist in the Hudson Valley that wouldn't benefit from John Carlo's instruction. His real-world experience is invaluable to those seeking realistic training.'
Gene Simco, Black Belt, Author and Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

'I have known Mr. Carlo for many years and in that time I would have to say he is one of the most dedicated martial artists when it comes not only to his training but also to his students.  He is an amazing teacher, all who train with him are very lucky to find a great martial art instructor. Having worked with many of the top professionals in the field, Mr. Carlo's reputation stands alone as a leader.  He walks the talk when it comes to reputation.'
Shihan Anthony Quartroci
Owner/Operator of Anthony Quartroci Martial Art Instiute

'John is the real deal, he's no 'paper tiger'.  He's done it all in martial arts and in the sporting arena - wrestling, karate, boxing, jiu-jitsu. He knows what he is talking about and he has been there.  Mixed Martial Arts!  That's John, all the way, he has been doing  this of this type of competition before it became popular.  John is a excellent seminar presenter and teacher.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn self-defense, boxing or MMA.  His experience and resume speaks for it's self'.
Earl Layumas, Sensei
Head Instructor, Mid Hudson Aikido

John... Thank you for trying to help me get into the early UFC fights.  You and John Periera worked hard on me and pushed me to my limits which all fighters need to be on top.  To bad my knee went but never the less, I will never forget your help.  You have the fighting spirit that many should admire and follow.  It is obviously in your genetics from your ancestors... the reason why you exist today !  Keep up the great work and keep putting out good fighters.
Ron kosakowski
Practical Self defense training Center
Waterbury, CT

Parents and Students

'We enrolled our reticent and shy 6 year old in John Carlo's Karate school.  Now after almost 9 months we see that she is not only more confident but also has made major impovements in her self confidence.  John Carlo is very strict and understanding sensei.  He reaches out to all levels of understanding.  His teaching method has definitely made a difference in my child's confidence.' - 
The Govindarajans

'I put my kids in Karate because I want to keep them busy, practice a sport and have lots of fun too while doing it.  Karate or any other form of martial art is great for the body but especially for the mind.  Since they started with John I've noticed a big difference in my 5 year old daughter and my 8 year old too!. They are very happy with him.' -
Rebeca Rambusch

'Since our son Daniel has joined John Carlo's Karate School, he has matured both mentally and physically; It's amazing how his self confidence has been greatly enhanced.  John Carlo has a rare gift with children, he is both a excellent teacher and mentor.  he is someone that the children can look up to'.
Mike Fraad  
'Boxing is a wonderful sport that provides participants with a variety of benefits including improved fitness, discipline, and confidence.  As a student of John Carlo's, I have reaped all of these benefits in a safe environment.  Mr. Carlo is an excellent instructor who has clearly mastered his craft.  Whether your goals are related to self defense or self improvement, I highly recommend his class.' 
David Hubbs High School English Teacher

' As a cardiac rehab patient and subject of two exclusive national medical projects, I am pleased to note that John Carlo provides an excellent program for all age groups.  In addition to my medical team with a martial art instructor, I attend submission grappling training under Mr. Carlo's supervision and recieve exceptional supplemental instruction by Trevor Sargent.  Mr. Carlo provides a safe environment for all students to learn and achieve success on the mat.  At 60, I participated in a live Pankration match as part of Mr. Carlo's sports event and felt like a young athlete!'
Al George Bruhn : Executive Director/Producer
Dear John ,
'We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for our son Jack in your Karate program.  As you know , Jack is a very sweet but very shy little 6 year old.  As his parents, we have worried that Jacks lacks confidence in his skills and we were looking for ways to help him feel good about himself.  We had tried other sports, but they seemed to make Jack feel more awkard rather then confident. 
The difference in Jack is amazing to us since he started in your program last January.  Physically, he is much stronger and coordinated.  He loves showing us his new moves.  We never would have believed that Jack would have the courage to get into a boxing ring and spar with a friend at a tournament.  But now, he proudly displays his trophies and loves showing his friends pictures from the demonstations.  Jack helps out more around the house because of the ' self- discipline' you speak of in class.  He is proud of his accomplishments and has made new friends at his karate class.  We feel that his confidence has carried over into other areas as well, such as school. 
Your coaching and your program have helped Jack tremendously.  We deeply appreciate your efforts on his his behalf, as well as all the children you work with.'
Karen & Ken Wrobel