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Next Event is June 7th at the Mid Hudson Civic center
MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing 









USA Karate fighters dominate at Eastern New York Championships on April 18th
 Christina Stefano fighting black belt division



USKBA Action Sports Promoter John Carlo (USA Karate) held the eighth installment of his “KICKBOXING CHALLENGE” Amateur Kickboxing series on April 18, 2009 at the Patterson Recreation Center in Patterson, New York. On a regular basis, Promoter Carlo holds events that feature exhibition bouts showcasing up and coming amateur fighters. However, “KICKBOXING CHALLENGE 8” proved to be different.

“KICKBOXING CHALLENGE 8” featured the usual exhibition bouts, but headlined by scored bouts for the Kickboxing Challenge Eastcoast Championships. What a thrill it was to see these up and coming fighters have their bouts judged. The bouts were action packed and provided KO’s, stoppages and decisions. The Patterson Recreation Center was filled by fight fans that seemed to love the scored bouts in addition to the exhibition bouts. The noise level and enthusiasm from the fans equaled the action in the ring. One could clearly see some of the bright stars of the future of kickboxing.

Official USKBA Results:

USKBA Amateur Leg Kicks Super Welterweight Division
-  Greg Belardinelli (147.8 lbs) def Brennan Woods (150.0 lbs) by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).
USKBA Amateur Leg Kicks Super Middleweight Division
-  Michael Piekarski (159.4 lbs) def Victor Ruiz (162.4 lbs) by TKO (referee stoppage) at 0:28 of Round 3).
USKBA Amateur San Da Super Middleweight Division
-  Joe Schmitt (168.0 lbs) def Ian Cameron (161.4 lbs) by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-27).
USKBA Amateur Leg Kicks Welterweight Division
-  Karl Nemeth (144.6 lbs) def Jimmy Verney (135.2 lbs) by KO at 1:45 of Round 2.
*  Jimmy Verney issued 30 day suspension
USKBA Amateur Leg Kicks Super Light Heavyweight Division
-  Lou Villani (176.8 lbs) def Kirill Ushin (175.2 lbs) by KO at 1:51 of Round 1.
*  Kirill Ushin issued 30 day suspension
USKBA Amateur Leg Kicks Heavyweight Division
-  Jeff Ohl (198.2 lbs) def Tom Raposa (195.6 lbs) by TKO (referee stoppage) at 1:28 of Round 2.

In Exhibition Bouts:

Angelo Notaro, Russell Brigante, Alex Vanassi, Jonathan Morse, Frank McNeary, Phil Finkle, Edgardo Escribano, Brandon Eastman, Andrew Carey, Billy Shafransky, Joe Duffy, Jason Jackler, Albert Bruhn, Domenick Dagostino, Andrew Cullen, Ysrael Torres, Frank Grillo, Bobby Blau, Michael Guarneri, Brian Harrington, Christopher Chase, Juliano Zanetti, James Tomapat, Tyler Mathers, Robbie Marinaccio, Tyler Hunt, Eve Condon, Coralie Delibertis, David Clarke, Kent Grossi.

For information on future USA Karate events, email johnc3382@aol.com









Alex Vanesse scores 1st rd kayo February 6th at NYS Golden Gloves in Saratoga NY


October 4th event is another smash
 Joe Schimtt, Chris Jones, Barbara Turtel , Charles Marino, Alex Vanesse all did an excellent jobs in the Adult divisions and won there bouts at the Battle grounds.  In the children divisions our kids did awesome in karate, jiu-jitsu and boxing bouts
Kickboxing - Jiu-jitsu - Boxing - and Full Contact Karate event for beginners, novice and open class fighters- all area schools are invited
 USA Karate's  Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program is now an affiliate school of Best Way Jiu-jitsu / American Top  Team ct. -  We are proud to announce Andre Almeida and Luigi Mondelli are now our head instructors for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and our MMA amateur and professional MMA fight team
Pictured are Walt Leverich, Sempie Dan Stanley, Andre Almeida, Luigi Mondelli, John Carlo, Bob Lane


Also Childrens Semi - Contact Karate , Kickboxing, Boxing and Jiu-jitsu bouts


When USKBA Action Sports Promoter USA Karate began their “KICKBOXING CHALLENGE” Amateur series, everyone felt it was a good idea to give beginning amateur fighters a place to gain ring experience without being judged. Amateur fighters competed under the watchful eye of an experienced referee, but no judges, with no decisions being offered. The fourth installment of their series, “KICKBOXING CHALLENGE 4”, held on April 12, 2008 at the Patterson Recreation Center, was packed as fans came to see 36 amateur fighters gain that valuable ring experience.

The exhibitions included:

-  Daniel Calenda vs Adam Furegno
-  Brett Callahan vs David Hubbs
-  David Vegeto vs Terence DeToy
-  Benjamin Ortiz Jr. vs Adam Macko
-  Walter Leverich vs Victor Ruiz
-  Matthew Cascilli vs John Wisseman
-  Joe Schmidt vs Derek DeSousa
-  Angelo Notaro vs William Dudas
-  Edgar Burgos vs Karl Nemeth
-  Cody Rugar vs Frank Bartolomeo
-  Louie Villani vs Frederick De Oliveira
-  Tanner Genck vs Mike Piekarski
-  Jeff Ohl vs Stephen Foley
-  Travis Jordan vs Michael Clark
-  Benjamin Ortiz Jr. vs Joshua Anselmo
-  Tom Berry Jr. vs Jake McBride
-  Ryan Wolf vs David Ziggelbrau
-  Christopher Pollak vs Greg Belardinelli

The next USKBA Action Sports Promoter USA Karate “KICKBOXING CHALLENGE” event, is scheduled for June 7, 2008 in Newburgh, New York. Any amateur fighter that would to like to test his/her skills in the ring, can contact USA Karate by emailing Johnc3382@aol.com
Walt Leverich wins Brazilian Jiu-jitsu super fight at 2007 Full Contact Karate World Cup in Danbury Ct.
 Walt Leverich, of Wingdale New York, competed at the 2007  Full Contact Karate World Cup Championships.
Teams from as far as Poland, Canada and Brazil were competing.  Walt, who is an assitant instructor at USA Karate/ MMA defeated Ryan Allenish, of Cornwall Ct., in one of the three Jiu-Jitsu grappling super fights.  Walt will be competing again on April 12th at the Kickboxing Challenge 4 - New York vs Ct event at  Patterson Recreation Center
Also fighting was Joe Schmiddt, of Pawling New York.  Joe was a former section 1 wrestling champ for  Pawling High School.  Joe lost a close bout to Ryan Quinn of New Fairfield, Ct.  Joe will also be competing on the April 12th show in Patterson
Both Joe and Walt are schdeuled to have there first MMA fight in June.
Oct 13th Adult show  was awesome -childrens event was a smash  as well
All off our students did awesome
  On October 13, 2007, USKBA Action Sports Promoter USA Karate held the third installment of their 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE' series in Patterson, New York. The 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE 3' showcased a full card of 17 Amateur Kickboxing and Amateur Leg Kick Kickboxing bouts featuring men, women, boys and girls. Although sanctioned by USKBA Action Sports and run just like any other terrific event, the bouts were not scored. The 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE' series is designed to give beginning fighters a chance to get in the ring without the pressure of fighters worrying about a loss. In essence, this would be compared to a inter-school competition without the judging and on a much larger scale. The bouts cannot be called exhibitions because the fighters give their all in the ring under the careful watch of Referee Mike Dore.

What does one get out of this format? It was clear to see that the fighters are elated to get the ring experience and show what they have learned in their respective studios. It was also clear to see that the hundreds of spectators thrilled to the action of their favorite fighters and to all the bouts.

The amateur bouts included:
- Joe Schmidt vs Ryan Quinn
- Peter Belmar vs Toni Mafes
- Joseph McGinty vs George Cartolano
- Seth Cardillo vs Santos Escribano
- Joseph Mason vs Angelo Notaro
- Jesse Kosakowski vs John Carlo
- Jamie Jones vs Ryan Wolf
- Anthony McGinty vs Alfred Cassar Jr.
- Barbara Turtel vs Dina Wieland
- Robert Flores vs Christian Molle'
- Joseph Puggioni vs Andre DeRosa
- Jan Koehler vs Tony Russo
- Walter Leverich vs Melvin Torres
- Humphrey Swift vs Dan Burger
- Matthew Marino vs Darrell Bennett
- Karl Nemeth vs Daniel Cocchiola
- Jesse Kosakowski vs Michael Fraad Jr.

The USKBA Event Representative was Vincent Chapple. The Timekeepers were Lauren Laporte, Vicky Dore. The Equipment Supervisor was Gino Morano. The Ring Announcer was Ty. Assisting with the bouts was former USKBA Kickboxing Champion Benny 'the Jet' Little.

All amateur beginning fighters who would like to gain some ring experience and be part of the next 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE', contact USKBA Action Sports Promoter USA Karate at 845-832-3382, or email: johnc3382@aol.com.


USKBA Action Sports Promoter USA Karate continued their regular series of Amateur Kickboxing events with the 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE 2' held on July 21, 2007 at the Ice Time Sports Complex in Newburgh, New York. The main emphasis of the 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE' series of events is to give beginners a chance to get into the ring and gain valuable ring experience as they start their way up the 'kickboxing ladder'. Although the bouts are exhibitions, the action is second to none. All the amateurs come prepared to exhibit everything they have learned in their studios from their instructors. Any studios that have beginning kickboxing students should consider putting their fighters on this series of events.

The following Amateur Kickboxing fighters should be applauded for stepping into the ring; David Edwards, Jonathan DiLorenzo,Tony Ozga, Donald Dawson, Joe Schmidt, Mishael Banks, Barbara Turtel, Collin Tebo, Max Rinaldi, Christopher Rigoli, Salvatore Taormina, Christopher Garmon, Joseph McConnell, Sean McDaid, Greg Petrilli, Marc Tarczali, Jan Koehler, Seth Cardillo.

Participating studios; USA Karate, NYMAG/Snake Ryders, Thaishodo Martial Arts Academy, Wai Kru, Hudson Valley Jiu Jitsu, Gold's Gym, American Self Defense and Fitness, Tiger Schulmann's Karate.

'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE 2' was USKBA Sanctioned. The USKBA Representative was Vincent Chapple. All fighters participating on this event were USKBA Licensed Fiighters.

For information on future USKBA Action Sports Promoter USA Karate events, visit their website at www.AmericanMixedMartialArts.com. The next 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE' event is scheduled for Saturday, October 13, 2007 at the Patterson Recreation Center in Patterson, New York. To fight on this card, email; JohnC3382@aol.com.

Boxing  for Adults -   Monday 6:30pm - Wednesday 6:15pm - Thursday 7:00pm
Kickboxing training will be on Monday - Boxing training on Wednesday - Boxing & Kickboxing on Thursday

Kickboxing & submission fighting class ages 7- 12
Fridays 6:15pm - 6:45pm -This class is a full contact kickboxing and submission grappling class. advanced students only
Junior Olympic boxing program Ages 7-12 -
Mondays 5:45pm - 6:30pm - Learn the art of boxing .  sparring included

** USKBA ACTION SPORTS News of...  ...TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2007 **


The gloves were pounding and the kicks were flying. But this time, it was during a smoker event held by USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoter USA Karate and John Carlo.

On May 12, 2007, the 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE' was held at the Patterson Recreation Center in Patterson, New York. The unexpected standing room only crowd was there to witness some of the area's amateur action sports talent. It would seem that everyone walked away from this event totally satisfied and happy.

This was not your ordinary smoker event. All the bouts were exhibitions. That means that none of the bouts were scored. There were no judges, just a referee to control the action. This meant that all the fighters were there to gain ring experience without the burden of thinking about winning or losing. This is a great idea for beginning fighters. The 'KICKBOXING CHALLENGE' was so successful, the promoters are scheduling additional smokers for the remainder of the year.

We congratulate the following beginning fighters:
- Gabe Rinato fought an exhibition with Keith Dembo.
- Paul Graham fought an exhibition with Dan Burger.
- Robert Wylde fought an exhibition with Robert Beamon.
- Tony Russo fought an exhibition with Andrew Parr.
- Jason Nadeau fought an exhibition with Joe Schmitt.
- Jan Koehler fought an exhibition with Andre DeRosa.
- Tim Gillotti fought an exhibition with Ryan Quinn.
- Seth Cardillo fought an exhibition with Santos Escribano Jr.
- Alfred Cassar Jr.fought an exhibition with Angelo Notaro.
- Neil Gonzales fought an exhibition with Mike Nason.
- Juan Vasquez fought an exhibition with Michael Clark.
- George Cartolano fought an exhibition with Jason Holmes.
- Johnny Peralte fought an exhibition with Matthew Ruggiero.
- Quinn Fabas-Smith fought an exhibition with Marc Tanezali.
- Edgar Valenzuela fought an exhibition with Ed Vitale.
- Wilson Eduardo Chacon fought an exhibition with Jared Fatigate.
- John Russo fought an exhibition with Alex Vanasse.
- Byron Brito fought an exhibition with Ken Charney.
- Anthony DiTommaso fought an exhibition with Ryan Quinn.

Special thanks to… USKBA Event Representative Vincent Chapple, Referee Carl Papparlardo, Timekeeper Mike Dore, Kickcounters Lauren Laporte and Barbara Turtle, and Equipment Runner Geno Morano.

For information on future USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoter USA Karate events, visit their website at www.johncarloboxing.com\
SPORTS Promoter USA Karate and John Carlo.

USA KARATE VS TIGER DRAGON & Inner school event
Friday - January  26th . 
Anna Kern , Eddie Foster, Dan Fraad, Jordan Akey, Arthur Peters, Nicky Knuckles, Griffin Bennett, Sean Bracanto all did an outstanding job against  the Tiger Dragon School. 
Our Inner School event was also a success.  I like to thank everyone who came out to support our show.   

School Uniforms
$30.00 For White, Black , Red or Blue Uniforms 

Our Karate Academy Raised $900.00 for the Ryan McElroy Children's Cancer Foundation
Saturday , Oct 21st our students and familys did a 2 mile run / walk for Charity.  I am very proud of the children and familys who took the time to help other children who are less fortunate.  Awesome Job guys , Special Thanks to Aishwarya Govind, Sean Brancato, Griffin Mayhew, Griffin Bennett, Christina Stefano, Marisa Stefano, Matt Laporte, Eddie Foster, Marisa Foster, Nels Soderquist, Leif Soderquist, Jc Carlo, Dan Fraad, Eddie Stanley, Alex Divernieri and family and the Patterson Recreation Center

* New* Junior Olympic Boxing Program- Ages 7 - 17
Mondays at 5:45pm- 6:30pm
This will be an offical Non - Contact Junior Olympic Boxing Training program for children interested in learning the art of boxing.  Boxing is a must for any serious martial artist. Boxing sparring and events will be available to students interested in Junior Olympic Events.
Class is for FREE for all  Black Belt Club members