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 USA Karate - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Boxing - MMA & Thai Kickboxing 
At USA Karate Mixed Martial Arts , Boxing , Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center we have programs for both Children and Adults.
Our Kids Karate/ Jiu-Jitsu program Ages 3-4 / 5- 7 / 8- 14 will build your child's self-esteem, while teaching him or her crucial life skills. We also offer Junior Olympic boxing , kickboxing and MMA for children ages 8- 14. All of these programs develop confidence, self-discipline, focus and concentration.
In our School , children learn to set goals and become leaders. Honesty , Integrity and Respect are all values that are important to us at our academy. Good manners, Personal safety and conflict avoidance are all integral to our program as well as learning valuable self-defense skills and developing physical fitness and flexibility.
Our Adult program is the only local school that offers professional instruction in Boxing , Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and MMA . We have a full contact program for students interested in developing into competetive fighters.
Our school is also an affiliate school of Best Way Jiu-jitsu / American Top Team ct.
This enables our intructors and students to recieve the best training and coaching from one of Americas Best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and MMA teams in the country.
Free uniform for all new members ages 3- 13, Free trial class for children , No Long term commitments, Professional instruction , Best rates in Putnam and Dutchess county .


Karate, because of its inherent nature can fill the “gap” between what is taught in school and what is not! Karate focuses on and directly impacts flexibility, balance and coordination. That these have an effect on a child’s academic school progress cannot be seriously questioned. Reading, writing and math all are affected by a child’s coordination and balance, especially in the formative or early years in school.

Getting off to a good start is of critical importance and parents are amazed at what changes take place in a five or six year old’s school performance after a year in a good Karate program. His/Her’s large and small muscle strength and coordination are greatly enhanced and it shows in school and at play. Let’s not forget attention and listening skill development which are integral to Karate training and which also impact school performance dramatically. I have and many parents tell me of the improvement reported by their child’s teacher since her or she was in a Karate program. I am always pleased at hearing this, but I am never surprised because I am their teacher, too, and I see the physical and attention skill development as it happens. It is a very satisfying thing to see a young child grow, both to his parents and his teachers.

I feel the most important benefit for the young child in Karate is that once the physical and behavioral skills are developed, the child feels better about himself/herself therefore has more self-confidence. Confidence is something any caring parent wants for their child and Karate can assist in achieving this goal. Give some thought about putting your youngster in Karate and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well it supplements and enhances a child’s performance and development.

Sincerely yours,
Master Peter Rogers.